28th April 2017


While our consulting services involve short-term interventions, the idea with our programmes is to partner with clients in the medium to long term, providing ongoing technical support. We do this at an accessible cost by tailoring each programme to be a focused, high-impact but low-contact intervention. We work with client staff to ensure that there is extensive skills transfer, leading to significant capacity building while at the same time ensuring that concrete results are delivered through each programme.

Most of our programmes involve monthly support, and include the identification, development, implementation and monitoring of projects designed to increase productivity, reduce resource consumption and reduce operating costs. We also provide engineering resources on a retainer basis. If you require any further information please don’t hesitate to contact us.

The following are our key programmes:


The Manufacturing Cost Reduction Programme

Funded fully from the savings generated, this programme  includes the development of individual cost-reduction projects which are implemented, monitored and reported on monthly. Projects include energy efficiency, water conservation, material usage reduction and waste management. Procurement opportunities are also explored. Where investments are required, VWG can also provide funding, again with repayments from the savings generated. The programme is offered on a fixed cost (starting from as little as R25,000/month) or shared savings basis. For the shared savings option, savings for each individual project are shared monthly over a 2-3 year period, with the client site retaining 100% of the savings from the end of the project life. The programme is available nationally. 

The Virtual Energy Manager Programme

Industrial and commercial sites can no longer afford to be without some form of structured approach towards energy management. Electricity prices for industrial consumers have increased by close to 300% over the last decade, and a weak rand and the inevitable recovery in the oil price will drive fossil fuel prices higher in the foreseeable future. This programme gives you access to a highly-skilled team who can either support your Energy Manager, or if you don’t have one, carry out all of the duties of an Energy Manager and more. You will have access to all of our experience gained in diverse industrial environments, use of our measuring equipment, the power of our methodologies and where applicable, access to our proprietary technologies. We will build a statistical baseline for your site and then track improvements delivered by this programme monthly. The programme is provided either for a fixed monthly fee or on a shared savings basis, where you pay based only on verified savings delivered. The programme is overseen by a UNIDO-accredited National Energy Management Systems Expert. Savings are guaranteed to exceed the costs of the programme by the end of the first year, or we will refund you the difference.

The Steam System Performance Programme

Steam systems encompass steam generation, steam distribution, steam users and condensate recovery. They can also include cogeneration opportunities as well as heat integration projects. Our programme helps manufacturers and large commercial and institutional users of steam to manage and optimise the efficiency of their steam systems. We develop a system performance baseline and identify, develop and implement optimisation projects designed to ultimately save boiler fuel, water and water treatment chemicals as well as electricity in the case of cogeneration. The programme is overseen by a UNIDO-accredited National Steam Systems Optimisation Expert and includes comprehensive mathematical modelling of the steam systems we work with. This programme can be delivered for a fixed monthly fee or on a shared savings basis.

The Efficient Investments Programme

This programme is not based on monthly support, but operates on a project-by-project basis. An agreement is signed with the client site that gives our team exclusive access to the site for a defined period with the sole purpose of identifying and developing projects to save energy, water and materials, to beneficiate waste and to increase productivity. Projects are proposed to the site for approval, and approved projects are implemented by our team, working closely with the client site. Capital for each project is provided by VWG and the savings generated are used to fund the acquisition of the asset by the site. Each project is unique and will have its own duration, but in principle, the site shares in savings generated from the time that the asset is operationalised, and also gains the asset at zero cost once the lifetime of the project has elapsed. From that point on, the site enjoys 100% of the savings. This programme could be targeted at an individual project or the entire site, depending on client preferences.



The Manufacturing Excellence Support Programme

If you operate a manufacturing site and are in need of engineering and technical support to drive operational excellence and resource efficiency, this programme gives you access to VWG’s full capabilities on a retainer basis. We advise you on how to improve operational performance in all areas – cost, product quality, plant reliability, safety and environmental performance – and make the appropriate engineers available to assist you with specific challenges. The programme is overseen by a senior engineer, and the support provided includes tasks such as risk assessments, technical problem solving, maintenance programme optimisation, data analysis, the development of shop floor procedures and work instructions, productivity improvement studies and more.

The Performance through Problem Solving Programme

The continuous improvement aspect of Lean Manufacturing relies on the use of problem solving skills to close the gaps between actual and desired performance levels. Training is vital, but taking the next step towards the establishment of a culture of problem solving requires broader approaches that consider the operating environment. This programme assists clients to establish supporting frameworks, such as the establishment of performance scorecards and problem solving triggers, as well as the documentation required for recording problem solving events. It includes training as well as hands-on coaching and support for staff in solving real business problems. Individuals gain the skills required to function effectively on their own and in teams, and feedback is measured through actual performance improvement. The programme can be customised to client requirements.