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An Innovative Service Guaranteed to deliver Sustainable Energy Cost Reductions

Energy costs are significant in most manufacturing facilities and large commercial undertakings, but tend to take a back seat to other operational priorities such as plant reliability, product quality, safety, throughput and cost management. Most organisations do not have dedicated energy management personnel, and also cannot be sure of the returns achievable through investment in an energy management team. Through VWG’s Virtual Energy Manager Programme you can have your own energy management team, helping you with every step along the journey to sustainable energy cost reduction, and all at effectively zero cost.

Once-off energy assessments performed by service providers, while a very useful point of departure for organisations embarking on energy management, do not in themselves deliver energy savings. Providing technical reports to organisations and then expecting them to implement the recommendations without support is unrealistic. Companies want to feel part of the entire energy efficiency project life cycle, from discovery to the evaluation of achieved results. And they need a trusted partner with the technical skills in energy management to complement their deep knowledge as regards their core manufacturing processes.

VWG’s Virtual Energy Manager Programme provides a proven, structured methodology for engaging with any factory or commercial enterprise on a medium-term basis to reduce energy consumption sustainably. It uses statistical methods to track monthly performance. Site-wide energy efficiency projects are identified, developed, planned, agreed, implemented and evaluated to prove savings. Below is a table highlighting the types of energy projects that could be implemented, the point being that while investment is sometimes needed, this is not exclusively the case:

Project Type Detail
Administrative change Migrate the site onto a more favourable tariff based on operational characteristics.
Work practice change Operate a piece of equipment only at specific times of the day to minimise time-of-use energy charges.
Process setpoint change Reduce operating temperature of a furnace, taking care to ensure product quality is not compromised.
Plant modification Increase size of compressed air distribution lines to reduce pressure drop, enabling operation of the compressor at a lower average pressure.
Technological change Install an economiser to recover energy lost with boiler flue gases into boiler feedwater.
Complex integrated process change Migrate from batch to continuous manufacturing, changing process, flow, layout and technology.

The successes delivered by our programmes are a result of teamwork, and are the client’s successes, with our engineers serving as facilitators. We do all of the heavy lifting, using our measuring equipment, extensive analytical tools and deep relationships with service providers and OEM’s in the energy industry. Client input is used to approve projects, guide implementation and prioritise focus areas. The programme is therefore non-intrusive and requires limited client time.

We give clients a choice between a fixed monthly fee or a “shared savings” option. Both options are premised on the delivery of measurable value, and we report on the value delivered every single month. Savings can be ploughed into investment projects, delivering yet more savings over time. In the case of the fixed-fee option, we guarantee that cumulative savings will exceed cumulative fees within 1 year, with that ratio growing over time. In the case of the shared savings option, no upfront fees are levied, and all payments are derived from a share of the savings delivered. We also fund and maintain energy-efficient assets, and share savings with the client site over their life, with no investment required by the client site.

If you want an expert partner to help you through the complete life cycle of your energy challenges, and who is willing to guarantee you tremendous value that multiplies over time, speak to us about our Virtual  Energy Manager Programme. Gain a strategic advantage over your competition, increase your profits and be kind to the environment at the same time. Get a proposal developed free of charge after a walk-through evaluation of your operations.

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