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About Us

VWG Consulting is a specialist engineering and management consultancy offering manufacturers a comprehensive suite of services, programmes and human resource development solutions. We help clients to cut costs, increase throughput and plant reliability, improve environmental performance, reduce risk and enhance product quality.

Our philosophy is to be a trusted and professional partner and everything we do is designed to add value for our clients which far outweighs the costs of our products and services. This requires the delivery of practical, affordable and realistic solutions which are guaranteed to ensure maximum benefit.

Operating from Johanesburg we serve clients across South Africa and have completed projects on over 100 industrial sites in 8 provinces. We are a Level 1 contributor to BBBEE.

Our identity continues to evolve along with the growth of our business, but we are guided by the following core goals, beliefs and value systems, which have remained largely unchanged since our company was founded.

Our Vision

Our Mission

To be the leading supplier of efficiency and productivity services and products to the South African manufacturing sector by 2025.

To make the South African manufacturing sector as competitive, efficient and sustainable as possible.

Our Values

  • Measurable impact – the results of our interventions must be measurable and must add value our clients can see and feel.
  • Partnership – we strive to work not just for our clients but with our clients. Clear communication and teamwork, with each client engaged as a valued and integral member of the team, allows us to deliver what our market really wants, and to build capacity within client organisations.
  • Sustainability – our business operates in the sustainability space, but the solutions we deliver and their impact also need to be sustainable in the true sense of the word. This is another reason that we prefer to build long-term relationships with clients who share our values.
  • Innovation – difficult problems require new ways of thinking, and we strive to give our clients fresh approaches to the solution of their problems. We offer unique programmes in our industry, and have also developed innovative, proven technological solutions in areas such as resource efficiency and productivity. We encourage creativity through extensive engagement between our employees, with our client base and with industry at large.
  • Pragmatism – in the final analysis it is results that matter to our clients, and these results require solutions that work. Everything we do must be firmly grounded in the real world and should incorporate the best of our practical experiences in industry.
  • Diversity – the creation of an inclusive society is vital to South Africa’s long-term well-being and prosperity, and we believe that our business must contribute towards that vision. Diversity brings fresh perspectives, teaches tolerance and mutual respect and allows us to engage meaningfully and empathetically with a broad spectrum of stakeholders in the manufacturing sector.

Some of the Organisations We Have Served

At VWG we take immense pride in our ability to be effective in diverse environments and in both small and large organisations. Our clients have ranged from multinational blue chips and large SOE’s to small family-owned businesses. Our projects have ranged from strategy and policy formulation through to site-level assessments, implementation projects and training.

We have carried out projects in the following sectors:

Food & Beverage
Pulp, Paper & Wood Products
Energy & Water Supply Services
Mining & Minerals
Home, Personal Care & Pharmaceuticals
Foundries & Metals
Chemicals & Plastics
Waste & Recycling