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Are you the type of person we’re looking for?

VWG Consulting strives to make a difference by creating career opportunities for the very best engineering graduates, technologists and technicians. The work we do is diverse, and there are therefore many different opportunities for development for entrepreneurial, technically-minded people.

Our ideal employee would be someone who is passionate about manufacturing, engineering and business and who is motivated and outgoing.

Your academic prowess will need to be excellent – our environment is one in which you will be learning constantly and having to rapidly apply that knowledge.

You will be comfortable with travelling, working in new and varied environments and being part of a diverse team. Above all you will have good interpersonal skills – everything we do involves working with others, and this includes engagements that extend from the shop floor to the boardroom.

Our employees receive very close mentorship, but at the same time have to be able to operate independently. They are empowered to make our business better as we work to improve the customer experience and deliver high-quality services and products that deliver value far in excess of what they cost.

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