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Instant Energy Assessment

Energy costs have become a major line item for many businesses, but how is this important issue best tackled and where does one begin? The answer lies in having an expert team on hand to review your energy costs and the drivers of your energy use, and to guide you as to where you can make operational changes and where you should invest for maximum benefit. Detailed energy assessments can however be expensive, and if not followed through, this cost could yield little return. So, what would be a simple, low-cost solution that would yield some immediate benefits? The answer is VWG’s INSTANT ENERGY ASSESSMENT.

You decide whether you want is to consider both electricity and fossil fuels. Our highly-skilled team then assesses your energy bills and visits your facilities to identify opportunities for you to save. It is a high-level assessment designed to identify low-hanging fruit, but we will also be able to guide you as to whether the technologies you have in place are optimal or not and provide you with advice as to possible alternative options. We will conduct some of the measurements necessary to enable us to better understand your energy use. We will also identify the things you can do immediately to save, many of which require little to no investment. The prices you pay for energy will also be considered, and opportunities to reduce these will also be proposed, either through tariff migration, fuel switching or alternative sources of supply. Lastly, we’ll develop a measurement strategy that you can use to sustainably manage your energy use. The entire process takes only a few days in terms of data gathering, and you will have feedback within 2 weeks. Find out what you would need to pay for an instant assessment by completing the form below.

Instant Energy Assessment Cost Estimate

    Complete the below form to have a cost estimate for an instant energy assessment emailed to you. Fields marked with an * are required.

    If you do not want fossil fuels at your site evaluated simply set the Annual Site Fuel Bill field to 0.