12th May 2017

Plant Maintenance Practices

A well-maintained manufacturing facility operates assets which perform according to their design, delivering reliability and enabling performance across a range of operational priority areas such as throughput, product quality, safety and variable cost performance. Our consultants can assess your current maintenance practices and then design a solution that would deliver improvement in system performance. We draw on a number of established philosophies including TPM and RCM (including FMECA and MSG3 logic).

Aspects we could assist with include:

  • The measurement of maintenance performance
  • The development of maintenance tasks and schedules
  • The development of maintenance business processes (e.g. planning, execution and review)
  • Sparesholding strategies
  • Development and integration of autonomous maintenance tasks
  • Continuous improvement of the maintenance programme through problem solving

Improving plant maintenance performance requires engagements with staff involved in both the maintenance and operation of your asset base and hence requires commitment, but the rewards can be substantial.