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Problem Solving Training

We have two problem solving and root cause analysis courses on offer. The first course is an introductory one-day course which covers all the basic principles of problem solving and root cause analysis. The two-day course covers these same basic principles but also includes more advanced topics.

An Introduction to Problem Solving and Root Cause Analysis in Manufacturing and Operations

This is a 1-day course aimed at engineers, technologists, technicians, plant operators, artisans, laboratory technicians, supervisors and managers, and covers all aspects of problem solving. The material makes extensive use of exercises and case studies, and covers the complete problem solving life cycle, from problem detection through to the evaluation of implemented solutions and reporting. Exercises include problems involving product quality, plant reliability, safety, cost, the environment and other operational challenges. Validated by the SAIIE (validation number SAIIE/CPD/T/03-16) and delegates in the engineering field earn 1 CPD point through their attendance.

The course outline can be downloaded here: VWG Consulting One-Day Problem Solving Course Outline

Intermediate Problem Solving and Root Cause Analysis

This solution is delivered over 2 days and is targeted at Engineers, Team Leaders, Technical Specialists, Managers and other mid to senior-level employees.  The number of techniques covered is greater than in the case of the our introductory offering, and the course includes methodologies such as inputs-outputs analysis, failure modes, effects and criticality analysis and systems thinking. The course is pitched at a similar level to our 1-day offering but is broader in scope.