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Resource Efficiency

Looking to reduce your energy bill?

Not sure where to start?

VWG can assist!

The efficient use of water, energy and raw materials and the minimisation of waste streams is achieved in a range of ways. Our solutions integrate various approaches to reduce resource consumption and emissions. This not only enhances environmental performance, it also has a significant impact on the reduction of costs. Resource efficiency can also increase the lifespan of assets.

Our approaches to reducing resource consumption and associated costs include:

  • The optimisation of resource pricing through tariff analysis and smart procurement
  • Changes to machine settings and process setpoints
  • Modifications to plant and equipment
  • Process optimisation, including changes to software and control systems
  • The introduction of alternative technology
  • Comprehensive process redesign
  • Combinations of all of the above

Resource Efficiency Services

We offer the following services:

  • Resource efficiency studies and investigations on industrial sites
  • Resource profiling in order to understand where resources are used, how much is used and the costs involved
  • Energy Efficiency Assessments to identify opportunities to reduce energy consumption and quantify them
  • Water Use Efficiency Assessments to identify opportunities to reduce water consumption and quantify them
  • Material Usage Assessments to identify opportunities to reduce material usage and quantify them
  • Waste Management Assessments to identify opportunities to reduce waste and the cost of managing waste


We also offer long-term shared value programmes to support manufacturers to reduce resource consumption. See our Sustainable Cost Reduction Programme for more information on this.