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Sustainable Cost Reduction Programme

What is the Sustainable Cost Reduction Programme?

Imagine having support each month from an expert team of engineers who scour your operations for cost reduction opportunities and help you to implement and sustain them at no net cost to you? The Sustainable Cost Reduction (SCR) Programme is a shared-value programme powered by VWG Consulting requiring no upfront fees or investment costs and aimed at achieving two fundamental goals for our clients. The first is to reduce variable costs associated with manufacturing and commercial operations. The second is to make a significant impact on the environmental footprint of the organisations subscribing to our programme. Both of these goals are achieved by focusing on resources like energy, water, raw materials and process aids and by reducing the costs of handling and disposing of associated solid wastes and liquid effluents. 

Our highly skilled engineering and consulting teams analyse all aspects of client operations and identify, develop, implement, evaluate and sustain projects to increase levels of efficiency, deliver renewable resources and reduce unit prices, thereby delivering reduced costs that multiply with each unit of production.

The SCR Programme is committed to the development of a more competitive industrial and commercial sector using sustainability for strategic advantage. Our goal is to do so in a manner that is completely self-funding, with the savings generated from sustainability projects effectively paying for project development and execution, including for any assets that may be required to turn projects from concept to reality. Our vision is for this philosophy to go viral in South African industry, boosting client profits, delivering value, creating jobs and simultaneously greening the local economy.

What systems do we work with?

The SCR Programme investigates and optimises every system on your site including the following:

Core Production Processes and Unit Operations

HVAC Systems

Compressed Air Systems

Power Factor Correction Systems

Lighting Systems


Water Purification Systems

Demand Management Systems

Steam Systems


Effluent Treatment Systems

CIP Plants

Direct & Indirect Refrigeration Systems

Vacuum Systems

Electric Heating Systems

Raw Material Handling Facilities

Register Your Interest

We conduct an assessment process to determine the suitability of your site for this programme. A suitable site would be one that consumes a sufficient quantity of resources to make significant savings possible, thereby justifying the time and investment necessary for the programme to succeed. Sites also need to be easily accessible in terms of location and either be willing to permit our engineers to operate freely on site or have staff available to accompany them whenever necessary.

If you would like a no-obligation presentation to your management team on the SCR programme, please complete the form below and we will arrange a virtual presentation. Alternatively you can contact John Wittstock, the consultant responsible for this programme directly at

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