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Sustainable Investment Programme

What is the Sustainable Investment Programme?

The Sustainable Investment Programme is designed to support manufacturers and other resource-intensive businesses to reduce the costs of energy, water, materials, and waste management, thereby also contributing towards environmental sustainability.

This programme focuses exclusively on projects requiring investment and will seek to improve the efficiency of the participating facility or reduce the costs of operation through the use of alternative materials or alternative fuels, including renewables. Our team will assess your operations, find opportunities, develop these into projects and propose them for approval. If a project is approved, we will implement the project and then monitor and sustain its performance.

The assets will remain off balance sheet, and the costs of maintenance will be borne by VWG Consulting. Participating sites therefore share in the value created without having to make an investment or pay for the costs of asset maintenance. 

Over time a portfolio of projects is constructed, and viable projects are implemented. The results are tracked on a monthly basis with respect to financial savings, resource consumption reduction and emission reductions. All significant investment opportunities are investigated.

What does all of this effectively mean for participating companies? You gain the services of a highly skilled partner to find, develop, fund, implement and sustain investment projects with respect to energy, water, raw material usage and waste for no upfront cost. Any payments made for this service are based purely on the value the investment projects generate. Participating sites receive value from the moment that a project is commissioned. Enquire about this innovative programme here.

What systems do we evaluate?

The Sustainable Investment Programme optimises every system on your site including the following:

Core Production Processes and Unit Operations
HVAC Systems
Compressed Air Systems
Power Factor Correction Systems
Lighting Systems
Water Purification Systems
Demand Management Systems
Steam Systems
Effluent Treatment Systems
CIP Plants
Direct & Indirect Refrigeration Systems
Vacuum Systems
Electric Heating Systems
Raw Material Handling Facilities