Inside VWG’s Manufacturing Cost Reduction Programme

Cost leaders enjoy competitive advantage. That is always true. But if ever there was a time to focus on cost reduction, it is now. A conflagration of negative economic factors, exacerbated by the recent ratings downgrade, is going to place extreme pressure on disposable income, dampening demand. The simultaneous upward pressure on input costs is Read more about Inside VWG’s Manufacturing Cost Reduction Programme[…]

Keys to Manufacturing Cost Reduction

Manufacturing businesses incur a wide range of costs. As with any business, there are many fixed costs associated with manufacturing, such as salaries, maintenance, rent and the like. If you really want to sustainably reduce the cost of your manufacturing operations however, the costs you need to be focusing on are variable costs. In this Read more about Keys to Manufacturing Cost Reduction[…]

Common Efficiency Mistakes in Compressed Air Systems

Compressed air systems are significant energy users in most industrial facilities, and understanding how to maximise their efficiency and minimise their operating costs is vital.  The understanding of the basic drivers of efficiency in these systems is however fairly low, since as a utility/service, compressed air is not considered to be “core”. In this post I’ll Read more about Common Efficiency Mistakes in Compressed Air Systems[…]