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Training Solutions

About Our Training & Coaching Solutions

VWG Consulting offers a range of training and coaching solutions all of which are aimed at enhancing productivity and efficiency. Our training and coaching practice is designed to complement the work we do in consulting. Due to our extensive exposure to a wide range of industries and environments, our training solutions bring a unique practical aspect to them as we build our real-world experiences into our training materials. We also find that working closely with clients allows us to better understand the types of skills they need, and so we develop training solutions that are suited to those needs. 

The advent of the Covid-19 pandemic has forced our training team to re-think how we deliver training and coaching services. We have worked hard on developing online and remote training capability and can now deliver live facilitated training and coaching remotely. We also produce our own online training solutions, including web development, content creation, animations, voiceovers, and the utilisation of learning management systems. The capability has yielded two online learning platforms, with a third planned for 2022. 

We create learning solutions for engineering professionals as well as all others who work in the manufacturing sector with an interest in productivity and resource efficiency. Our long term goal is to be able to provide solutions that meet needs from the shop floor through to executive management. We are a registered CPD Provider with the Southern African Institute of Industrial Engineering with registration number SAIIE / CPD Provider / 03 / 06 / 21. Where our training solutions are relevant to engineering professionals, we will seek to have them validated by the SAIIE and other relevant engineering bodies. 

Our courses in problem solving are delivered via our brand, This is an e-learning website powered by VWG Consulting which hosts a number of our problem solving training solutions.

You can visit the site here.

Our Training & Coaching Solutions

The following are training courses we offer. Click on a tab to learn more about each course. is our new e-learning portal which hosts training solutions in the area of energy efficiency and renewable energy. Registration is free and gives users access to our blog and a number of useful energy management tools. Content is being developed and courses will be launched soon. 

You can visit the site here.

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