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Virtual Energy Manager

Energy security risks, rising energy costs, the threat of climate change and a rapidly evolving regulatory environment require every energy-intensive organisation to have a dedicated professional manager responsible for the management of all aspects of energy. While many organisations have planned to hire a full-time Energy Manager, using a Virtual Energy Manager has a wide array of benefits.

You firstly gain the flexibility to use the services of a Virtual Energy Manager on an as-needed basis. Virtual Energy Manager appointments are for 1-year time horizons only, and can either be renewed or terminated as required.

Second, our Virtual Energy Manager service does not only give you access to a single individual, but a team of professional energy experts. While one consultant will serve as your Energy Manager,  team members would be brought in as required to conduct specific energy-related tasks to ensure that your energy-related portfolio is expedited. Our extensive network of partners will also be utilised to ensure that you receive the services needed as provided by the most relevant resource available. All of this will be coordinated by the engineer assigned as your Virtual Energy Manager.

The costs of a Virtual Energy Manager would typically be less than for a full-time employee. But the value delivered is likely to be higher due to the specialist expertise available in our team. You decide on the intensity of the engagement and hence the investment you would like to make in this service, which is provided for a fixed monthly fee.

The tools required for the development of energy projects will be deployed for your benefit as part of the Virtual Energy Manager service offering. These include a wide array of measuring tools as well as modelling software and the various proprietary methodologies we have developed over close to two decades in the resource efficiency space.  

What kinds of activities and value should expect from a Virtual Energy Manager?

  • The development of comprehensive systems for the ongoing management of energy at your facility or group of facilities
  • The development and implementation of a comprehensive portfolio of energy projects designed to reduce costs and minimise emissions
  • Routine monitoring and reporting of performance, complete with financial and environmental analysis
  • Coaching of staff by an expert, building internal capacity in energy management

Energy management can be complex. It does not need to be. If you are grappling with energy challenges and want a cost-effective way to successfully navigate these with the support of an experienced, professional team, why not get the support of a Virtual Energy Manager? Enquire about this service offering by clicking the button below. 

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