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Water Use Efficiency

Water scarcity has long been a challenge in South Africa, and as the population has grown and urbanisation is changing water use patterns in all sectors of the economy, this issue has now reached crisis proportions. VWG Consulting has significant water sector experience, encompassing strategy, stakeholder engagement projects, water use efficiency assessments and implementation projects. We are one of a very limited pool of consultants with deep expertise in the industrial sector as far as water use efficiency is concerned.

Our specific services include:

  • Research into industry-specific benchmarks and best practices as regards water use efficiency
  • Site-specific water use efficiency training,tailored to all levels of the organisation
  • Site-level water balances and determination of water use splits
  • Compilation of statistical water use baselines
  • Water and effluent tariff analysis
  • Water use efficiency assessments, leading to a feedback presentation and/or report summarising individual water use efficiency opportunities
  • Integration of water use efficiency into our site-wide resource efficiency programmes, and targeting water use efficieincy through our Performance through Problem Solving Programme